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From the Mother Nature to you. Embun Natural provides the complete range of all-natural skin & body care for the beautiful you. Just as its name; Embun means Morning Dew in Bahasa Indonesia, Embun Natural provides the purest & freshest products with ingredients derived from the natural goodness of Indonesia’s botanical heritages and combined with the amazing benefits of essential oils. We are proud to be a homegrown brand from Bali. All products are free from paraben, sulfate, harsh chemicals, mineral oil/palm oil and against animal cruelty.

Pillow Mist Deep Sleep 60 ml
Pillow Mist Deep Sleep 60 ml
Pillow Mist Deep Sleep 60 ml
Pillow Mist Deep Sleep 60 ml
Pillow Mist Deep Sleep 60 ml
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Tenangkan diri dan nikmati tidur yang lebih nyenyak & berkualitas dengan Pillow mist aromatherapy ini. Dengan khasiat alami berbagai macam essential oil, semprotkan Pillow Mist ini ke bantal atau tempat tidur Anda untuk menenangkan sistem syaraf, meredakan stress dan tidur yang lebih lelap.

Relax right into a deep sleep with this all natural bed & pillow spray with essential oils to help you fall asleep faster, rest better and feel more refreshed in the morning. With the active ingredients of potent essential oil blend, spray this mist on your pillow or bed for an instant calming effect to lull you into the dreamland.

CARA PAKAI/DIRECTIONS: Semprotkan ke atas bantal atau kasur sebelum tidur atau kapanpun dibutuhkan. Shake before use. Spritz on blankets, sheets and pillows before sleep or whenever needed. Kocok sebelum dipakai.

KOMPOSISI/INGREDIENTS: Aquadestilate, Polysorbate, Lavandula Officianalis (Lavender) Essential oil, Phenoxyethanol, Etyl Alcohol.

Paraben Free

No synthetic chemical preservatives added that may cause irritation & cancer

Sulfate Free

SLS-Free formulation to gently clean your body without stripping natural moisture

Cruelty Free

All of our products are not tested on animals

Palm Oil Free

No Palm Oil used in all of our formulation